@freedompatriot the old dude tried to throw hands at a cop and got shoved. That's not excessive force.

@teslanaut @Watcher1 males have balls, girls have pistols. When it's a female plant, it really looks like two legs coming out, ready for some pollen! ;)

@teslanaut Cut back on the nutes, tip burn indicates over fertilization. Also the shade of green is an indication of something but I'm not sure of what. Healthy cannabis plant should be flush green in that stage of life, but perhaps it's the light angles or the camera or something else.

In religions, aren't sacrifices only made to whatever god they worship? Why is it OK for a Government to ask people of different religions to sacrifice to the State? This should really anger every single religious leader of every religion in America.

They should really change that stance.

@freedompatriot At first glance I thought you said taxes twice... 🥲 nope, high prices & taxes

Refuse vaccine passports. Stock up on supplies now. Boycott companies when the passport is a requirement.


Fuck 'em. Let's become our corporate world. These loser soydevs are playing in our sandbox.

This world belongs to us.

Dude is out of mind 😆
"A chrome extension to add a notice to repositories from anyone who has signed the RMS Open Letter of support."

The LundukeJournal:
Chrome Extension for Persecuting RMS Supporters

Github repo:

#odysee #rms #fsf #lunduke


A friend to all is a friend to none.

Personally I won't work with these liberal hate groups.

That "Environmental Health" Nazi picked the wrong time to wear her black leather boots to try to shut down a Church during Passover.

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