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WaPo lied. People died.

"BREAKING: The Washington Post has retracted their story about Pres. Trump’s call with a Georgia election investigator

“The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call”

“Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero’ if she did”

If you're taking code reviews seriously, reviewing a change takes almost as long as writing it - and that's the best-case scenario.

I've started publishing example config files for my Mastodon-authenticated #XMPP messaging service, using #ejabberd.

This is intended for use in conjunction with the ejabberd external auth script provided here:

If anyone wants to add this to their instance setup, feel free to hit me up. After talking @M0YNG through the deployment recently I think I've got a good start on putting together a proper guide.

"It is very useful from a psychological perspective to understand the distinction between tragedy (an inevitable consequence of limited being) and evil (the production of suffering for suffering's sake). Such knowledge can help reconcile people to life, and aid them in choosing the correct path as they move forward."

`apt remove google-chrome-stable` feels so good !

A neighbor, whose a single father in a tight spot, taught me a lesson recently: the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

He exemplified utilizing the people around him to meet the needs of him and his child. At times, he disregarded his own dignity for the sake of resources for his family. That's admirable but very annoying when he keeps knocking on my door asking for money.

Just a random life lesson I hope you read while scrolling by, remember that you won't get what you don't ask for.


Only complete MORONS voted for Biden, thinking he was going to support "the little guy."

>Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying us; we’re reaching out to find out what’s going on. Apologies for the inconvenience; in the interim there’s but it’s a few versions behind. We’ll post updates here.

>As of 11:44 UTC we’ve submitted a detailed appeal to reiterate that Element is a generic chat app for connecting to the global Matrix communication network, just as Chrome is a generic web browser for connecting to the Web - and just as Google does not control the content on the Web, Element does not control the content on Matrix.

Never forget that Google and all of its employees are bullies.

This is called a "roof snake". Also called referred to as a shingle nail puller among other roof-related terms. Watching the DIY version being made seems just so satisfying. One day, I should try to make my own

I occurs to me that using proprietary software is a bit like paying someone to include you in their protection racket. (and if you're not paying in $, you're paying in loss of privacy and/or data sovereignty... or all 3).

Seen on Twitter. Sounds like a worthwhile idea.

Immediately actionable and cheap policy advice for USG: identify the top 50 most widely used OSS projects at risk and fund them for 5 years

Lesson re-learned today: Just because you've been doing a thing for years now doesn't make you less of an idiot.

Assume you're an idiot before posting for help.


If you live in a state where the senators or congressperson is saying, "We just need to move on", tell that person that they are unequivocally wrong.

Well, it was a good run.

If Microsoft is actually supply chained... shit is about to seriously hit the fan.

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